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Heaven is...

Jensen Ackles

Fanwomen of the world unite and stand behind the A
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Appreciation of Jensen Ackles

Who are we?
This is a community for fans to show their appreciation of the actor Jensen Ackles, who is currently starring in the CW television series 'SUPERNATURAL'

All content of this community must be related to Jensen Ackles, the actor, or one of the roles he has played.

This is a 'spoilerphobe-friendly' community. Many people do not get to see 'SUPERNATURAL' when it is aired in the US, to avoid spoiling their enjoyment of the show please put all spoilers behind an Lj cut.

All large pictures, and picspams, need to be behind an Lj cut.

No WANK .. be nice to each other.

First and foremost the information posted here has to be related to the actor Jensen Ackles. Anything unrelated will be deleted.

This is not a fic community - there are many comms that host fic, this isn't one of them.

Posts here can include the following: interviews, graphics (including icons, manips, headers, banners and wallpapers), videos (fanvids or videos of interviews and appearances), links to external sources which also post content that may be of interest to community members

Basically anything related to Jensen Ackles ...
This information is subject to change.
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